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Refrigerator Repair Services in Mumbai

Repair Ki Dukan (Repairkidukan) offers a wide range of Fridge Repair and Services in Kandivali Mumbai.

Repair Ki Dukan (Repairkidukan) offers you get best Refrigerator /Fridge repair and service.

We provide branded replacement parts.

We have highly skilled technicians who have experience for all Types and Brands of Refrigerator/Fridge repairs in kandivali mumbai .

Arranging your fridge & freezer repair in your local area (Thakur complex,thakur village,kandivali mumbai)

Refrigerator/Fridge Repair and Service

  • Blockage or choke in pipework ?
  • It's leaking water?
  • There's ice buildup in freezer ?
  • Refrigerator not cooling properly?
  • Is there a strange noise?
  • Won’t my icemaker dispense ice?
  • Freezer door pop open when I close the refrigerator?
  • Many More ...