Whatsapp Will offer Group Video Calling Feature

Facebook has made an announcements, WhatsApp group video calling feature along with stickers feature at its F8 Developer conference in San Jose, California.

WhatsApp is wolrd most popular messaging service, now owned by Facebook.
Whats app already support video and voice calling which already very popular in india.

WhatsApp will also support third-party stickers created by developers.

Group Video calling will likely make it more appealing to users but facebbok has not given release date.


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Evolution of Washing Machines – A brief history

Evolution of Washing Machines

Without any doubt, washing machines are proved to be much of use to humans. With growing technology, our washing machines have also evolved with time to meet the customer’s needs. Washing machine in itself has a d=fascinating journey and in today’s world, it is hard to even imagine our lives without this simple machine called washer. From top load to front load and all popular brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Bosch, Godrej, Intex, IFB and many more, who brings best of the best technologies to us, we have formed a great dependency on these machines and we most certainly have to admit that these machines make our lives easier.

A machine what we define as the washer today has just been around for mere 200 years. The very first washing machine was invented back in 1850-60. So how were lives before the invention of this magical machine that cleans our clothes? Read further to know the interesting journey of our beloved washer.

Ancient times:

In early ages, people used to pound their clothes against rough surfaces like rocks and used to rub sand over clothes in order to remove dirt from it. It was the Roman Empire that developed a prototype of soap, it was a clear mixture of ash and contained traces of fat from various animals. This is something similar to what is called the crude soap in modern times.

Often people found the effective way to remove stains and dirt from their clothes was to immerse it in the boiling water and the beat the clothes with a wooden paddle or wooden bar. This method proved much more effective than the traditional grinding against rocks.

A much evolution in the area of cleaning clothes came with the invention of the metal boards upon which clothes could be washed, prior to this invention all the washing boards were typically made up of wood were in use. It was observed that people used to carry heaps of dirty laundry to the nearby water source like a lake, pond or rivers. Most often this turned into a ritual where the entire village used to take part in such cleaning practices. Not to mention the workload but this method also usually contaminated river bodies.

Invention of the very first washing machine:

A renowned scientist from Germany named Jacob Christian Schaffer invented this wonderful machine in the year 1767. The first ever patent to be filed for the washing machine was in the year 1797 by Nathaniel Briggs. The roller washing was invented in the year 1843. In 1851 and 1861, James King redesigned the washer and this can be noted as a beginning of the evolution of modern time’s washing machines.

Electric Machines

The true evolution began from wooden machines to the steam run washers till what we have today, the electric washing machines. The steam run machines usually consisted of boilers and sterilization units. In 1901, the very first electric washing machine was invented by Alva John Fisher.in this model the wooden tanks were replaced with the metal ones.

Automation of Washers

One of the greatest leaps in the field of the washing machine was the introduction of semi-automated and fully-automated washing machines. An automated washer helped reducing human efforts furthermore. The programmer would start the washer, the combination of the pressure switch and the solenoid valve is used to regulate the water supply to the machine. While a simple thermostat was used to maintain water boiling temperature, the timer would control other operations. Though the concept of automation was introduced in 1950’s and 60’s, it proved to be a costly affair and hence was not widely used.

Today’s Era:

As time passed the concept of having washing machine spread widely, thanks to its constant evolution and miniaturized size and proven efficiency the concept of washing machine spread widely across the globe and found huge user acceptance.

Today, without any doubt a washer has become an integral part of every household in metropolitan cities. It had made our lives easier, simpler and doing our dirty laundry is one less thing to worry, thanks to our beloved washing machines.

History of Air Conditioning

Isn’t AC’s doing enough to cool down your summer? Here are few fun facts and history about our beloved air conditioner

Surviving the heat has always been a tough challenge throughout the history, from cavemen to the modern civilization. Unlike cavemen who relied on age-old natural techniques to sustain the heat, we the modern millennials, thanks to the advancement in technology, we make use of many efficient and effective ways of staying cool. Throughout the history men were always in search of a better way to beat the heat, not only their motive for cooling was intended towards comfort and luxury but at a certain point this was inevitable and had become the question of survival. Especially in the countries in the middle east where the average temperature ranges north of 45-degree Celsius.

Thanks to the advancements in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), we are today possessing few of the remarkable ways of retaining body temperature and preserve food for the longer durations.

The evolution of cooling systems throughout the ages

The Cavemen

The stones have proven to be natural insulators and hence our cavemen used to rely on finding refuge in old stone caves for shelter and to prevent heat. Also whenever cave wasn’t an option, the dug burrows in the ground. Even today, the stone buildings are more efficient in regulating temperature.


One of the notable civilizations of man king had a unique solution to beat the heat. The started with hanging the wet reeds on their open windows so that the crosswinds blowing into their houses would be cool.


Who isn’t familiar with the iconic hand fans from the land of China? The invention of those stylish fans was purely out of necessity and dates back to the second century BC.

Middle East

We all are familiar with the Disney’s game called Aladdin, the standout feature in this game was the famous Aladdin’s castle. Ever wondered the importance of those tall towers? In fact, it is a structural marvel, where the tall towers and the underground channels acted as the temperature regulator, to bring in cool air from beneath and drive off warm air out of the tower.


Greeks followed a simple technique which allowed them to continuously flow water through the aqua-ducts. This enabled them to monitor temperature at public baths and maintain heat or cool down the area as per their requirements.


They added to the structural aspects of the building like the people from the Middle East. The common architectural design included high ceilings, deep porches and large windows, which provided enough cross ventilation to keep the room cool. These techniques are still in practice even today in many countries.

Modern times

Willis Haviland Carrier is a well-renowned name in the HVAC world and often known as the father of Air Conditioning. In the year 1902, he discovered the relationship between temperature, humidity, pressure and dew point which led him to the invention of “the apparatus for treating air” which he then on patented in the year 1906. These developments inspired him to form his own company, Carrier corporation in 1915. He also made a revolutionary contribution by replacing the bulky rotary compressor with centrifugal compressors.

Through the history- evolution of AC’s

1813: The very first ever steam-powered refrigerator was built by Jacob Perkins

The 1830’s: To cool the patients suffering from yellow fever and Malaria, Dr John Gorrie invents the ice making machine

1899: Concept of comfort cooling gained popularity

1904: St. Louis had a fully air-conditioned Missouri state building was featured in the world fair.

1914: Charles Gates became the owner of the very first domestic AC system installed.

1917: Cinema got its very first AC

1928: The first practical household AC unit was demonstrated by the Carrier Corporation. Also, DuPont introduced its Freon.

1930: The first air-conditioned car was introduced in the rail route of Baltimore and Ohio

1936: The first air-conditioned passenger plane was introduced by United Airlines

1939: First AC car was made by Packard

1953: The sales of AC units crossed the milestone of 1 million, in total sales

1987: Important and much needed Montreal Protocol was signed to regulate the usage of CFC’s in the HVAC systems which was the primary reason for depleting the ozone layer.

1997: Restrictions were imposed on environmentally harmful refrigerants through the Kyoto Protocol

2002: As per estimation the AC production crossed over 6.7 million units

Interesting facts about your Air Conditioner

The most common terminology used to measure the cooling capacity of any Ac is represented by the term “tonnage”. One ton simply means the amount of heat absorbed by melting ice weighing one ton!

The employers were convinced that AC promoted laziness in their employees work environment and hence were against the idea of installation of air conditioning systems in 1940 till late 1950. But soon they showed interest towards an air-conditioned environment upon noting a significant increase in the productivity of their workforce under AC installed environment.

Ever wondered what are these terms like R-22, R-12, R-134, it emphasizes the chemical structure of the molecules in an alkaline refrigerant. Upon adding 90 to this number, using the resulting three-digit number, we can derive the number of carbon, hydrogen and fluorine atoms present in the molecule.

The common misconception among room AC users is that the air is cooled by passing through a system of coils but in fact, the air is never passed through the coils but passes over the coils. The cooling is achieved by refrigerant which draws the heat from the air as it passes over the evaporator coils.

Hopefully, we were able to ignite a spark and get you curious about your everyday used AC’s. This information is brought to you by Repairkidukan, where we try to resolve your any electronic issues in minimal time. We are operational in parts of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.
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Micromax launched Ayurveda series Air Conditioners, price starting at Rs 29,990

Micromax Informatics Ltd., launched its Ayurveda series Air Conditioners (AC) on Friday 23rd Feb 2018.
These Air Conditioners come with the goodness of ‘Neem’.

The Neem filter provides anti-bacterial & anti-allergen properties in this AC.The Micromax Ayurveda Series AC is built for the Indian climate and it can also curb bad air quality.

The Micromax Ayurveda Series AC is powered with an eco-friendly refrigerant and has low ozone-depleting & global warming effect than other refrigerants used in the market.

The Micromax Ayurveda AC comes with three years comprehensive warranty and Turbo cool mode.

The Micromax Ayurveda Series AC come with Inverter properties and the price range between Rs. 22,990 to Rs. 39,990 depending on the variant.

Samsung announced the launch of Wind-Free Air Conditioner(AC) in India

Samsung the most trusted electronics brand in India has announced the launch of Wind-Free Air Conditioner(AC) in India on Tuesday(21-02-2018).This new air conditioner (AC) has integrated Wind-Free Cooling technology into its design. This AC provides cooler climate with better energy efficiency than normal Air Conditioners.
In standards Air Conditioner system customer face major two problems. One is “direct cold air dispersion” and second is “high electricity bills”. Samsung new Wind-Free Air Conditioner address both of these issues together by providing cooling comfort along with guaranteed optimum energy efficiency by up to 72% compared to fast Cooling mode. Samsung Wind Free AC is price start from Rs. 50,950 to Rs. 74,260.

samsung wind-free air conditioner Kandivali
samsung wind-free air conditioner Kandivali
samsung wind-free air conditioner Thane
samsung wind-free air conditioner Thane
samsung wind-free air conditioner Mumbai
samsung wind-free air conditioner Mumbai

Online IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking Tips and Tricks – Repair Ki Dukan

Tips To Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket via official website www.irctc.co.in

  • Keep your Id card, Internet Bank Details ready, keep phone along with you for OTP and make sure Internet is up. You must decide you source and destination station,train number and class in advance.
  • Tatkal ticket booking starts at 10:00 am, so login in Irctc website before 5 mins around 9:55 am (You can see time in Irctc website) and keep your session active. Do click on plan my Travel or train availability multiple time otherwise you may logout.
  • In Plan My Journey Select From Station , To Station, Journey Date and Journey Class and Finally Click on Find Train.
  • Right side you can see the list of the train for next day. select quota as TATKAL and click on class you want to travel.
  • Above you can see the train availability then click on BOOK NOW.
  • No you can see the page where you need to enter passenger details. click on ‘Select Passenger From Your Master List‘ to get saved passenger details. it will save your 1-2 min.
  • Fill the CAPTCHA carefully. if you don’t get CAPTCHA, you must reload captcha. In TATKAL IRCTC send difficult CAPTCHA then click next.
  • Now you need to make payment Select Payment Mode  internet banking then select your preferred bank (HDFC,AXIS and ICICI is fast).
  • Fill the bank details to make payment.
  • Your ticket is booked Successfully.

WhatsApp tips and tricks – How to Format Text Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough in WhatsApp


Open Chat box and Follow below steps to format the Whatsapp text.

  • Bold: just add (asterisk) “*” before and after the text Eg: *Repair Ki Dukan*
  • Italics: If you want to type in Italics add (underscore) “_” before and after the text. Eg: _Repair Ki Dukan_
  • Strikethrough: In order to use Strikethrough, you need to add (tilde) “~” before and after the text. E.g: ~Repair Ki Dukan~

Apache Server Setup with system user

Apache Server Setup with system user

In this article we are going to learn how to configure and install Apache from source code.

We divide the setup in below steps.

1. Installing missing dependencies

1.1 Install gcc compiler

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential

Above command will install list of packages which are considered essential for building Ubuntu packages including gcc compiler, make and other required tools.

Verify installation

Type the following command:

$ whereis gcc make
$ gcc –version
$ make -v

1.2 Install PCRE

Download PCRE from PCRE.org

Compile and install it:

cd pcre-8.30/

make install

1.3 Install APR & APR-UTIL

Download the latest versions of both APR and APR-Util from Apache APR,

Assuming download folder is srccode

wget http://mirror.fibergrid.in/apache//apr/apr-1.5.2.tar.gz

wget http://mirror.fibergrid.in/apache//apr/apr-util-1.5.4.tar.gz

extract tarfile in srccode folder only

tar -xvf apr-1.5.2.tar.gz

tar -xvf apr-util-1.5.4.tar.gz

2. Downloading the source code

Download the latest release from http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi say httpd-2.4.25.tar.gz

wget http://mirror.fibergrid.in/apache//httpd/httpd-2.4.25.tar.gz

extract tarfile in srccode folder only

tar -xvf httpd-2.4.25.tar.gz

Apache HTTP Server needs APR or Apache Portable Runtime for functioning and use -–with-included-apr option to the apache configure script.

copy apr-1.5.2 and apr-util-1.5.4 in httpd-2.4.25/srclib with anme without version apr and apr0util respectivily.

3. Compiling and installing apache

Type below command

Cd srccode/ httpd-2.4.25

./configure –prefix=/home/agni/httpd –with-included-apr


make install

4. Post Installation Process

4.1 Apache by default runs as root users. Running the apache as rootuser is insecure and so not advisable.

It is better to run the apache under a system account with limited privileges. So we will create a User and Group for Apache. In the terminal, execute the following command.

$ groupadd apachegrp

$ useradd -M -g apachegrp -d /home apacheusr

set password for apacheursr user

$passwd apacheusr

Go to httpd.cofg file and finf User daemon and Group daemon change this.

User apacheusr

Group apachegrp

4.2 Setting proper permissions for DocumentRoot directory

Apache to access file in htdocs need permissions for user apacheusr and group apachegrp.

Change the Owner and Group of htdocs directory t  apacheusr and apachegrp.

chown -R apacheusr:apachegrp /home/agni/httpd/htdocs

Note: /home/agni/httpd/htdocs is the system DocumentRoot directory.The contents of this directory are usually modified by the standard user from a local machine and no the user have access to this directory.So everytime we have to modify the contents of this directory, we will have to do it as root user and set proper permissions afterwards. This is an inconvenience. Performing the following steps will solve this issue.

Add the standard user’s group as a supplementary group, to the group apachegrp.

Replace GROUPNAME with the name of your primary group.

usermod -G apache GROUPNAME

You must have logged out and logged in again.

Provide write permission to members of apachegrp group, so that the standard user will have write access to the DocumentRoot directory.

chmod -R g+w /usr/local/apache2/htdocs

Still, there is a problem. If the standard user creates a file/directory inside the htdocs directory, the owner will be set to standard user and group will be set to primary group of standard user. As a result, Apache HTTP Server will not have write access to those files/directories unless we set proper permissions as root.

This can be overcome by setting SGID bit on the htdocs directory. This makes the created file/directory to retain the group ownership of directory with SGID under which it was created. Thus Apache HTTP Server will have read&write access to these file/directories. For this, execute the below command in terminal.

find /usr/local/apache2/htdocs -type d -exec chmod g+s {} ;

4.4 Adding the DirectoryIndex type index.htm

DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm

4.5 Enabling htaccess directives

AllowOverride All

4.6 Enabling module mod_rewrite.so

Uncomment the line, so that it looks as shown below.

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

Source http://howtolamp.com/lamp/httpd/2.4/installing#accounts

That’s all for now. I will be here soon with another intersting topic. Till then stay tuned and connected to Repair Ki Dukan.